What We Do

We provide consulting services to banks which need help with the many complexities of the SBA 7a and USDA commercial loan guarantee programs.   

Services We Provide

  •  presentations, both oral and written, to the bank's executive committee and loan officers
  •  assistance with out-reach and marketing efforts for the programs 
  • helping bank loan officers and staff identify and properly structure potential loans
  • thoroughly vetting any proposed loan for eligibility issues
  • guidance on pricing the loans to meet the goals of the bank and the borrower
  • assistance with issuance of complete and accurate term sheets
  • input on specialized due diligence and underwriting requirements 
  • guidance on special forms and formats which are program requirements
  • review of all underwriting, both form and substance 
  • review and assistance with the guarantee application documents
  • help with questions and requests from the USDA or SBA regarding the application
  • guidance regarding specialized third party report requirements
  • assistance with all aspects of the closing process, including specialized documentation
  • solicitation of bids for the sale of the loan guarantee 
  • preparation of forms for the secondary market sale


We take you through the process, step-by-step. We are flexible in our approach and will do whatever it takes to help you get the loan structured, committed, approved, closed, and sold in an efficient way.   

Consider This


Under SBA rules, we are considered a Lender Service Provider


This is a much more extensive role than a "Packager", whose job is to take an already structured and approved loan and prepare the paperwork for submission to the government.


While packagers perform a valuable function in the process, they do not provide the comprehensive range of services that we do. 



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