A Special Note For Borrowers

We Understand

When you have an unusual situation or property type to finance, government guaranteed loans could be your answer.

Finding a lender can be difficult. Finding a lender which understands your business and can make you a decent loan proposal -- even more difficult.  

The government guaranteed loan programs that we are discussing can be a great alternative to conventional financing.  Although the programs have a deserved reputation for being a little more paperwork intensive, an experienced lender will make the process easy for you. 

Significant Advantages

The programs we offer have some significant advantages:

  • long term financing can lower your monthly payments and free up cash flow
  • no balloon payments or annual renewals required
  • high loan-to-value (LTV) ratios 
  • start-up companies can qualify
  • more flexibility on personal credit issues
  • special use properties are acceptable (such as hotels, restaurants and gas stations)
  • requirements for historic profit/loss more flexible 

Why Not Take The Advantage?

We specialize in these programs. Why not take advantage of our expertise? Feel free to contact us to discuss a potential loan. If we think it is a good fit, we'll put you in touch with one our client bankers to speak to directly and in more detail. 

Please note, we are not brokers so this advice is always completely FREE.