Link Funding, Inc.

About Us

Our Background

Over the past 15 years we have specialized in commercial loans for small businesses and investors.  We have focused on the owner occupied niche and have extensive experience with the Small Business Administration 7a and 504 loan programs as well as with the USDA Business & Industry ("B&I") program and Community Facilities ("CF") program. 

Our team includes industry veterans with a combined 50+ years of experience in government guaranteed lending.  We have dealt with loans to many diverse industries.  Borrowers have ranged from small sole proprietorships to large enterprises with numerous affiliates.  We also have weathered the ups and downs of government guaranteed lending and bring a seasoned perspective to the mix. 

       Our Values

  • We are service-oriented and pride ourselves on being responsive to the client's needs.  Prompt answers to emails and phone calls are a priority.  Analyses, memos and other work product are completed quickly and to the client's specifications.

  • Excellence is important to us.  Both in the process and the result, we set a high bar and strive to meet or exceed it, every time.

  • Honest and open communication is key to a successful consulting relationship.  We will tell you what we think about a project or approach.  If we don't think it is the best route, we will give you other alternatives to consider.

  • A professional and courteous approach to dealing with all players in the process is an important value. The same level of respect is accorded to everyone--from a Bank executive to a prospective borrower, from government lending personnel to referral sources.

  • We assume that change is going to happen, whether it's the loan programs we deal with or the technology we use to make our business efficient.  It is our priority to keep on top of any changes and use them to the advantage of our clients.   

Our Vision

Giving small banks access to government guaranteed loan programs promotes the health of the community bank system, while giving small businesses more access to credit that they need. 

This is a win-win for everyone.